Monday, December 15, 2014

Abroad Chronicles, VI: DUBLIN

In typing up this post, I realize I never talked about my first visit to Ireland this year, all the way back in October, to Galway, for one of my best friends from high school's 21st birthday celebration. So far, in our six-year-long friendship, I have been able to celebrate her birthday with her every year. Talk about good timing, especially in college/study abroad. Someone must be looking out for us.

But that is not the point of this post, and the point is actually: I went to Ireland (again)! Dublin, this time, to be specific, with a few of my friends from Keele. On a sunny Saturday morning, we rose early and got in a taxi and then a bus and then finally made it to the Manchester airport, which, BTW, is annoying to travel to because in order to get to the terminal you need (especially for Ryanair flights/international travel in general) you have to walk three hundred thousand miles. Regardless, despite my crankiness and tiredness, we made it to the airport, and then to Dublin, though that was doubtful for a bit - we reached Dublin within 45 minutes of takeoff only to begin descending and ascend again. Couldn't understand the pilot, but assumed that they weren't landing because there was no room on the road or something or whatever, anyways, I was reading The Bone Season, so I didn't mind at all.

As a city, Dublin is very fascinating. The city centre, where our hostel was, along with a bunch of other tourist attractions, didn't feel very city-like. It certainly didn't feel very Irish, not like Galway did, but it was a nice place to be, apart from the extreme amount of tourists. Me, included, I guess. I can't imagine living in such a touristy place. That night, we hung around the hostel and explored Trinity College, Grafton Street, and Temple Bar.

On Sunday, we went to an American-style diner (of course) called Eddie Rocket's, and then set off for our final destination, the Guinness Storehouse, intending to stop at tourist sights along the way.

As always, enjoy the sheer amount of photos you are about to be subjected to:

Grafton Street

Dublin City Hall

Horse girl forever
Christ Church Cathedral, AKA one of the many cathedrals I thought was St. Patrick's on the walk there

The REAL St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Park

Memorial to W.B. Yeats

This is my favorite photo I have taken so far

View of Dublin from the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse
Grafton Street at night
Trinity College

The location of brunch/lunch

John's Lane Church
A random churchyard/graveyard spotted on the walk to the Guinness Storehouse
Who in their right mind wants chips with lasagne? 
Blurry Christmas trees or no Christmas trees
Finally, something I can relate to
Magnificat: Worldwide
Hi, Mom!

That concludes my European travels for the semester. Internationally, however, in just one (!!!) short day I will be flying across the Atlantic ocean to be reunited not only with American food, but my wonderful, loving, and generous family. How blessed I am to have had such a wonderful experience and so many more trips like this to look forward to in the coming six months. It's been a crazy semester - look out soon for a post in summary of it all - but I am so certain this year abroad has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.


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