Wednesday, July 31, 2013

new things

someone tell me what to write about because i've watched too much dawson's creek in the past two days to come up with anything other than love triangles and soap opera drama for teenagers. i want to read a billion books and finish my projects but instead i've hedged the fence of double majoring or not once again and i dropped a class to exchange it for something more worthwhile. i am looking forward to the school year. i am looking forward to the end of summer. last night i felt like the entirety of the universe was in my head and bringing my eyelids down and i never understand why i feel like that sometimes, like my head weighs more than my neck can support. my mom tells me it's because i don't sleep enough and i don't exercise enough but i think that my thoughts are stacking stacking stacking like a game of jenga in the cavern of my mind. i'm going to miss my mom and my dad and my dog when i go back to school but not much else because i don't see my friends often enough even this summer to miss them, too, and i will spend the semester not talking to them again and spend thanksgiving break reveling in the comfort of their friendships. time is an ever repeating cycle and history repeats itself even if i try my best not to let it. i get too caught up in myself to change for other people and i need things to look forward too because the days are long and boring and i don't ever know where to go or what to do with my time.


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